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Round Base Magnets Offer Multiple Holding Possibilities

New Super Blue™ and NeoGrip™ Round Base Magnets Provide Innovative Options

September 28, 2017

One of the most versatile magnets available, round base magnets work as low-profile holding or mounting magnets. Master Magnetics (The Magnet Source®) offers the largest selection of round base magnets in the industry – including the recently introduced Super Blue™ and NeoGrip™.

Round Base MagnetsAlso referred to as cup magnets, round base magnets incorporate a steel housing with ceramic or neodymium magnets.  The steel cup functions to dramatically increase the holding force of the magnet. A hole in the center allows users to determine the type of attachment needed; providing a custom application with each use.

Round Base MagnetsMaster Magnetics offers round base magnets in four different styles: ceramic, neodymium, NeoGrip™ and Super Blue™.  Ranging in holding strengths from four to 220 pounds, there is a round base magnet for every application.

Our Strongest Round Base Magnet

SuperBlue Round Base MagnetIndustrial strength Super Blue™ round base magnets are Master Magnetics’ strongest round base magnet line.  The unique Super Blue filling offers a smooth, strong grip, while preventing dust and debris from collecting around the magnet.
Easily attach a hook, eyebolt or nut to this low profile magnet to customize holding options.   Featuring neodymium magnets, Super Blue™ is available in four sizes and up to 220 pounds of pull strength.  

Added Sheer Strength, Non-Scratch Back

NeoGrip Round Base MagnetThe new NeoGrip™ round base magnet provides a built-in liner for those applications where surface protection matters.   The unique rubber liner also increases vertical sheer strength, while protecting surfaces from scratches.
The rust-resistant backing on the NeoGrip™ provides additional protection in corrosive environments. Easily attach a hook, eyebolt or nut to customize holding options.  Four sizes, up to 70 pounds pull, available.

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