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The Magnetic ToolMat™ is Your Mobile Tool Rack

Keeping tools and parts with you gets every job done faster

Castle Rock, Colo., April 27, 2020 – Speed and efficiency are key factors in the profitability of any job. The new Magnetic ToolMat™ from Master Magnetics helps you stay organized, work fast and be more productive. The Magnetic ToolMat™ is a flexible magnetic mat designed to securely hold tools and small parts while in the workshop, garage or on the jobsite.

Magnetic on both sides to attract to any flat or curved ferrous metal surface, it’s a mobile tool rack that keeps your tools and parts with you as you work.

Winner of the 2019 AAPEX (Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo) Best New Product of the Year award - Tool and Equipment category, the Magnetic ToolMat™ includes the following features:

  • Exceptional magnetic strength
  • Reinforced grommets and sewn-in handle for mounting options and easy carrying
  • Durable synthetic leather wipes clean easily and is resistant to damage, grease, oils and most common shop chemicals

In addition to holding tools, it keeps small parts grouped and organized for reassembly, adding speed and efficiency to all types of repair work.

The Magnetic ToolMat™ is ideal for professionals including machine shops, welders, manufacturing, facility maintenance, and contractors such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC, handyman and automotive, appliance and electronic equipment repair.

For the DIY mechanic and home fix-it project list, the Magnetic ToolMat™ helps you work efficiently and save time on car, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, mower, bike repairs and much more.

For everyone from those who build it to those who fix it, the Magnetic ToolMat™ is a versatile and valuable standard component in their tool collections for professional or personal use.

3 sizes available:

  Part # 

  • 07077 - 6.75” x 12.5” MSRP: $20.00
  • 07078 - 6.5” x 18”      MSRP: $30.00
  • 07079 - 8.85” x 19.5” MSRP: $40.00

Watch the Magnetic ToolMat™ video to see its magnetic attraction in action. Call 800.525.3536 or visit magnetsource.com/toolmat or more information and to buy online.

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