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4-in-1 Neodymium Magnetic Holding Arms Counter Display (4pk)

Holds 4 Magnetic Holding Arms

This award-winning colorful counter display includes 4 powerful neodymium magnetic bases which feature a heavy-duty, flexible arm and second magnetic base for attachments. Rubber coated base is safe for all surface types making it ideal for hands-free use in automobiles, campers, BBQ grills and other flat ferrous surfaces. Magnetic attachments include one red clip, one suction cup and one black spring clamp. Each are easily interchangeable to hold and position items like notepads, cellphones and small flashlights just where they are needed.
4-in-1 Neodymium Magnetic Holding Arms Counter Display (4pk)



  • Made with Neodymium (Nd-Fe-B), the most powerful magnetic material in the world
  • Holds four 4-in-1 Neodymium Magnetic Holding Arms
  • Includes product
  • Each product is individually UPC labeled
  • Open design allows customers to see products easily
  • Easy to assemble
  • Save space
  • Increase your magnet sales
  • Save room on countertops and shelves
  • Perfect packaging for retail
  • 07630





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