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Fastenal Preferred Vendor


Check out our digital catalogs for over 20 million magnets in stock and ready to ship.

Fastenal CatalogFastenal Magnets Catalog – With over 500 Fastenal part-numbered items, we have the magnetic solutions your customers need.




Permanent Magnet Material CatalogPermanent Magnet Material Catalog – Raw magnet materials including neodymium, ceramic, alnico, samarium cobalt and high energy flexible.




Flexible P.O.P CatalogFlexible and P.O.P Magnets Catalog – Magnetic and magnetic receptive sheeting and strip, magnetic sign holders, fasteners, magnetic inventory labels and much more.




Magnetic Sweepers Catalog

Magnetic Sweepers Catalog – Our extensive line of magnetic sweepers of all sizes for workshops, production areas, warehouses, parking lots and airport runways.




Industrial Magnetic Solutions CatalogIndustrial Magnetic Solutions Catalog – Our innovative and wide product line of magnetic assemblies and tools for industrial applications.




Hardware & Home Improvement CatalogHardware and Home Improvement Catalog – Magnets and magnetic devices for the hardware and home improvement markets.