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E-Commerce Marketplace Specialist

Castle Rock, CO

REPORTS TO: Sr. Manager, Sales & Marketing


  • Manage day-to-day operations and troubleshooting on Amazon Vendor Central including catalog management, advertising, optimization, price adjustments, and compliance and other requests from Amazon related to marketing and selling our magnets.
  • Lead the MMI team in the discovery of additional open marketplaces to expand our E-commerce reach, research requirements and scope, manage onboarding process and build listings, perform day-to-day operations and implement marketing programs necessary to thrive on these new platforms.
  • Lead the MMI team through the research, discussions and implementation of delivery and/or other 3PL services, if determined necessary.

EQUIPMENT: Personal computer, specialty E-Commerce software as necessary

KNOWLEDGE / SKILLS:                                                                                         

  • Experience selling on Amazon Vendor, Amazon Seller, Walmart.com, E-Bay, Wayfair and other E-commerce marketplaces.
  • Experience in copywriting marketplace listings, managing ads, working with delivery and/or 3PLs
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel, including .csv & .txt files, filtering, conditional formatting, pivot tables, and VLOOKUP & SUMIF functions.


  • Demonstrate initiative, resourcefulness, self-motivation, and a high level of accountability
  • Ability to assimilate information and make decisions based on research
  • Ability to effectively interact with all levels of company team
  • Ability to effectively interact with external customers
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective work relationship with team members
  • Ability to meet deadlines, multitask, and follow instructions.
  • Ability to prepare and present reports and other documents in an effective manner
  • Customer and team oriented
  • Demonstrate effective written, oral and telephone communication skills
  • Handle difficult situations with diplomacy
  • Possess strong communication and leadership skills


  • Bachelor’s degree (in a technical field and/or Marketing is required) and five years’ related business experience or suitable combination of both

    Salary Range: $55k to $65K  Annual Base DOE

    This position is eligible for compensation including base pay plus a target-based commission program.

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