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Magnetic Graphics System Simple and Cost Effective

Simple and Cost Effective

Magnetic Graphics Display

The Magnet Source® Magnetic Graphics System is an interchangeable, multi-layered system designed for custom graphics display. It's engineered with a combination of flexible materials. Printing, assembling, and updating your displays just got easier than ever.

Why Use Magnets?

Easy To Install Magnets

Visual messages are a key method of communication. Our magnetic materials enable you to create vibrant imagery and messages that are easy to install and update, without down time, special equipment or trained technicians.

Whether your space has steel surfaces or not, we have solutions that allow for single or multiple layers of graphics. Magnets offer lasting durability and dependable performance, so you can keep using them for all your display needs.

How Does it Work?

Magnetic Surface Diagram
The Magnetic Graphics System is a simple to use, cost-effective solution to create a visually stunning, wide-format graphical display that can be instantly updated.

We recommend a combination of magnetic and magnetic receptive products that work seamlessly together on any type of surface.

For steel surfaces: Use FlexIRON™ magnetic receptive material in conjunction with PrintMagnetVinyl™ or ThinFORCE™ magnetic sheeting. Because the graphics can be layered, the display can be updated instantly with additional images or messages as required.

For non-steel surfaces: Apply an adhesive-backed magnetic sheet to any wall or non-ferrous surface, upon which FlexIRON magnetic receptive material can be applied. Multiple layers of PrintMagnetVinyl or ThinFORCE magnetic sheeting can be added on top of one other for promotional messages or additional images that require added depth.

FlexIRON costs and weighs less than magnetic sheeting, so it's the most economical for printing and shipping. FlexIRON's lighter weight is also easier to work with when printing.

Recommended Configurations

Steel FlexIRON PrintMagnetVinyl or ThinFORCE PrintMagnetVinyl or ThinFORCE
Non-Steel Magnet w/ Adhesive FlexIRON PrintMagnetVinyl or ThinFORCE

Applications for the Magnet Source Graphics System

      • P.O.P. Displays
      • Menu Boards
      • Message Boards
      • Exhibit Booths
      • Retail Graphics
      • Full Wall Graphics
      • Instruction Boards

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