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Magnetic sweepers provide an effective and efficient means for clearing large and small areas of dangerous metal debris. Click on the links below for more information or to select the type of sweeper you're interested in using.

Which magnetic sweeper is best for your application? Click here for a comparison guide.

Fast clean-up and reducing the risk of personal injury are among the many magnetic sweeper advantages that make them beneficial for a wide range of maintenance functions.

Magnetic sweeper applications can be found in a variety of industries, so Master Magnetics offers a wide selection of magnetic sweepers to suit virtually every situation and need.

Push-Type Magnetic Sweeper with Release – Ideal for fast collection of nails, screws, or other metal items in assembly areas or warehouses.

Push-Type Magnetic Sweeper – Efficiently removes large quantities of dangerous scrap metal from machining areas and shop floors, and quickly wipes clean with a heavy shop towel.

Mini Magnetic Sweeper – Perfect for clean-up of metal items and debris in smaller areas, such as storage closets, office areas, and parts picking stations.

Hang-Type Magnetic Sweeper – Hangs from a forklift or vehicle bumper to clear hazardous metal items from roads, parking areas, loading docks, runways and other traffic areas.

Trailer-Type Magnetic Sweeper – Quickly clears metal debris from streets, construction sites, runways, or steel mills, and operates over wet or dry, smooth or unpaved surfaces.

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