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We offer a wide selection of magnetic sweepers, suitable for clearing large and small areas of dangerous metal debris.
Which magnetic sweeper is best for your application? Click here for a comparison guide.

Hanging and trailer sweeper

Our newest magnetic sweeper can be used in three different configurations to clear driveways, factory aisles, trucking terminals, parking lots, construction sites and more. Works over any terrain, in any weather condition.

Part No. Magnet Width (in) Overall Width (in) Surface
Area (sq in)
Approx. Lbs. Pull Shipping Weight (lbs.) List
MTBS48 48 55 192 250 48 Request
a Quote
MTBS60 60 67 240 300 82
MTBS72 72 79 288 350 92
MTBS84 84 91 326 400 105

Tube size: 4” x 5” • Tow bar length = 46” • Operating speed = 3 to 5 mph, depending on surface.

Note: All sweepers are designed for attracting ferrous metal pieces and debris and are not designed for lifting heavy objects. The pounds pull rating is measured by a vertical pull test from a .5” thick ground steel plate for purposes of magnetic strength comparisons only.

  • Towable magnet can be towed from a variety of vehicles
  • Load release feature for easy cleaning
  • Built with heavy gauge steel and aircraft-grade aluminum housing
  • 8” Dia. wheels provide 3” ground clearance
  • Removable handle for suspension mounting
  • Hanging configuration is simple to use as you drive around your work area
  • Also available in widths of 60”, 72” and 84” - call for lead time

Trailer Type Magnetic Sweepers

With six or eight foot sweeping widths, they quickly clear tramp iron from streets, construction sites, runways, steel mills, welding sites and more, over smooth or unpaved surfaces, wet or dry! Like the smaller push-type and hang-type models, these big trailer-type sweepers save time and maintenance costs by keeping work areas free of tramp metal debris. The heavy .375" x 2" steel frame with adjustable hitch withstands the roughest conditions! They are designed to operate at road speeds up to 50 mph between jobs, and up to 10 mph during sweeping. Each sweeper has two large, heavy-duty magnets which have 90 lbs. pull each, and feature permanent magnetism with a lifetime warranty. Discharging collected metal is easy too. Simply pull the lever, and the load is released from the stainless steel collecting plate into the carrying pans.

Part No.
Sweeping Width (in)
Overall Width (in)
Depth (in)
Height (in)
Approx. Shipping Weight (lbs.)

Prices shown above are subject to change without notice. $30 minimum order.