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Four Ways Magnets Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

Make Manufacturing More Efficient with Magnets

By Shalea Hardison

Magnets make manufacturing more efficient for companies across multiple industries. From the factory floor to the shipping dock, a variety of magnetic tools help manufactures create cost-effective and safe work environments.

Here’s a look at how magnets help get the job done… moving, storing, holding and cleaning.

Material Handling

Material Handling

Magnetic material handling devices are an efficient and reliable method of lifting, moving and handling heavy metal loads. Used both for lifting items vertically or moving them horizontally, magnets turn the job of material handling into an efficient, easily harnessed task.

Some permanent magnets used for material handling include lifting magnets, grippers and bulk lifters

Examples of material handling include:

  • Quickly transfer small items like bolts, screws and other fasteners from bulk bins to work areas with bulk lifting magnets
  • Safely pull and slide sheet and plate metal into position using magnetic grippers
  • Lift heavy loads, up to 4,400 lb., with one permanent magnet

Regardless of the size of metal material to be moved, magnets make an efficient work solution.

Tool Storage/Work Stations

Magnetic Tool Holders

Magnetic tool holders provide quick access to tools and create tidy work environments. Ideal for stationary and mobile work stations, magnetic tool holders organize tools of all sizes, shapes and weights.

Magnetic tool storage includes:

  • Tool bars both screw mount and magnetic mount, hold over 25 lb. per square inch
  • Round base magnets with clip attachments grasp a variety of tool handles from drills to slimmer broom handles with holding strength of 35 lb.
  • With up to 105 lb. of holding power, the Impact Wrench Holder stores multiple types of large tools with a repositionable, non-scratch, rubber-coated base and heat resistant ring

When it comes to magnetic tool holders and storage, these magnetic assemblies are very versatile tools for creating efficient work stations.


Workholding Magnets

Another way magnets increase manufacturing efficiency is when they are utilized as workholding tools – providing manufactures with useful and reliable tools during fabrication.

Welding magnets make one of the most useful workholding tools for manufactures and fabricators. Designed to keep both hands free to safely work on the project at hand, welding magnets provide an ideal fast and accurate set up. Strong magnets securely hold metal objects in place for perfectly aligned edges.

Other work holding magnets include shielded alnico and neodymium assemblies. Both are perfect for securing projects during different stages of fabrication. Alnico, in particular, is well suited to applications where high temperatures may affect the application- including racking in industrial ovens. Many styles come tapped and ready for additional mounting.



Avoiding personal injury, property damage and losses due to downtime are just a few reasons to use magnets in manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Magnetic Sign Holding

While it’s not news that OSHA requires safety signage in manufacturing facilities, it is a good reminder. Everything from PPE to wayfinding needs marking. Magnetic sign holders provide simple methods of easily and accurately hanging safety signage. A few areas where magnetic signage is particularly useful include:

Magnetic Sweepers

Additionally, magnetic sweepers are just one more simple way to protect the investment in your capital equipment. Available in a range of sizes, magnetic sweepers make quick work of spills and reclaim dropped fasteners from work areas.

Plus, keeping aisles free from metal debris prevents costly damage to forklift tires and avoids scratching and damaging sealed or coated floors. Use hanging sweepers attached to forklifts and trucks to sweep wide areas for regular maintenance.

Contact our Magnet Experts about for more information about our wide selection of magnets aimed at making manufacturing more efficient. Our seasoned professionals can help select the perfect magnet for the job.

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