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      Our lifting magnets help you lift, clean up or transfer objects. Lift magnets can adhere to lightweight or heavy-duty items, and you can use them in a wide range of applications from household to commercial to industrial uses. We have three types of magnetic lifters.

      Our bulk material handling magnets come in two styles: hand-held or a long handle up to 32.25”. Both have a similar lifting style with an area to hold objects such as nuts, bolts, and screws, and a gripping mechanism to release the objects in their desired location. These magnetic lifters can pick up items from 5-20 lbs. and are ideal in hundreds of ways for sporting, household, industrial, and commercial uses.

      Our magnetic grippers (lightweight) are primarily designed for sliding and pulling steel sheets and plates. The magnet grips the objects and releases them with a forward push of the handle. These magnetic handling grippers can lift between 100-600 lbs. and are built with durable welded stainless steel construction. They’re used in machine shops, warehouses, and industrial processing plants.

      Heavy-duty lifting magnets are similar to our magnetic grippers, but they’re designed for heavy items such as steel plates, forgings, die castings, and similar items in machine shops, warehouses, and industrial processing plants. They can lift items weighing up to 4,400 lbs. flat or 2,220 lbs. round ferrous metal.


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