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Master Magnetics Sheeting Certified for HP Latex Inks

Castle Rock, Colo., Sept. 23, 2016 – Ensuring material compatibility is one key component in achieving optimal project results when printing direct to magnet and magnetic receptive sheeting. PrintMagnetVinyl™ magnetic sheeting and FlexIRON™ magnetic receptive, the magnetic graphics system from Master Magnetics, Inc. (The Magnet Source®), are certified for HP Latex Inks and are also compatible with most other leading printers.


PrintMagnetVinyl™ was certified for HP Latex Inks on all HP3000 series printers, including the HP3000, HP3100, and HP3500. FlexIRON™ magnetic receptive sheeting is certified for a long list of HP Latex printers. Visit the HP Media Solutions Locator website to download media presets and find all materials from Master Magnetics designated as certified or profile-only for HP Latex printers.

“We’re thrilled about this certification,” said Melissa Thompson, sales manager at Master Magnetics. “Knowing your printer and substrate are compatible provides the peace of mind and assurance to pursue the many profitable opportunities that await with the ability to print on magnet and magnetic receptive sheeting.

In addition to HP, testing for compatibility and quality has been completed with many other well-known international printer manufacturers including EFI / Vutek, Gerber Scientific Products, Mimaki, SII – Seiko Instruments USA, Canon, Jetrix, Screen, Polytype, Epson, CET Color, and is in process with other well-known brands.

For more information about PrintMagnetVinyl™, FlexIRON™ or other magnetic and magnetic receptive material and how to achieve optimal results with your printer, contact the Master Magnetic sales team at 888-293-3534.

About Master Magnetics

Founded in 1976 and located in Castle Rock, Colorado, Master Magnetics, Inc. manufactures and distributes all types of magnets and magnetic devices for commercial, consumer and industrial use. Celebrating 40 years of industry excellence, The Magnet Source® brand is a trademark of Master Magnetics, Inc. and represents exceptional quality, expertise and customer service. For more information, call 1-800-525-3536 or visit magnetsource.com.

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