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Master Magnetics Introduces 72 New Magnetic Assemblies for P.O.P. and Merchandising Solutions

Feb. 10, 2016

POP Merchandising MagnetsMaster Magnetics, Inc. (The Magnet Source®) announced today the addition of 72 new magnetic assemblies specifically aimed at providing unique and practical solutions for the P.O.P. and merchandising arena. These new products bolster the widest ranging product line of magnetic P.O.P. offerings in the industry.

From magnetic graphic systems to magnetic hooks, Master Magnetics has a strong history of providing magnetic P.O.P. and display solutions in retail environments. Whether it’s flexible magnetic sheeting for graphic displays or strong magnetic round base assemblies with hooks, the ease of installation and repositioning, along with permanent magnetic holding power, make magnets an increasingly popular choice for a variety of P.O.P. displays. These new products provide designers and retailers with an extensive selection of practical holding, posting, and display choices.

“While there are a significant amount of P.O.P. and display fixture companies in the industry, our unique area of expertise and exclusive focus is magnets. So when it comes to magnetic solutions, we are the best source for finding the right magnet for a specific application,” said Master Magnetics sales manager Melissa Thompson.

Sign Holding Solutions

Sign Holding SolutionsThe newly expanded selection of sign holders provides retailers and designers with a range of options to quickly call out merchandise in a variety of locations. Magnetic sign holders are designed to maximize display space with a minimum footprint, while attractively presenting company branding.  Easily repositionable on most metal surfaces, there is no need to drill mounting holes into walls or fixtures, or worry about brand compatibility with P.O.P. fixtures. 

Magnetic sign holders are:

  • Easily repositionable for fast and easy set-up
  • Superior in holding power
  • Available in a variety of styles, widths and heights
  • Strong and attach firmly to most metal surfaces

Super Grip Sign HolderThe extremely useful and popular Super Grip Magnetic Sign Holders provide a simple method of attaching a sign to a metal fixture. Ideal for most standard gondolas, this channel magnet features a clear acrylic grip that securely holds retail signage vertically or horizontally. Available with up to 60 lbs. pull strength, these sign holders have the muscle to keep brand messaging where it matters the most.

Retailers with long stretches of aisles appreciate the effectiveness that aisle violators provide in increasing awareness of company communications and creating attractive displays. Using a 90-degree magnetic sign holder with a clear sign strip provides an excellent space for hanging signs. With 60 lbs. pull, signs and graphics will not be bumped and knocked out of place, so there is no concern with hanging signs in high-traffic areas.

Frames and Frame Holding Solutions

Magnetic frames and frame holders both protect and attractively present branding and advertising, while providing extra value because of the ability to reuse signs. A range of holders and bases make the most effective use of space, maintaining eye-catching messaging.

Magnetic frame and holders are:

Magnetic Frame Holders:

  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Easily repositionable for fast and easy set-up
  • Strong and attach firmly to most metal surfaces
  • Protection for posters and signs from dust and debris

For P.O.P. use, small frames with rotating magnetic frame holders are ideal for featuring daily or weekly specials and promotions. Magnetic frame holders easily attach to metal posts, registers, and displays.

Heavy-Duty Sign and Display Solutions

Oversized signs, displays that will be handled frequently, and signs in high-traffic areas benefit from a more heavy-duty magnetic P.O.P. assembly.

POP Merchandising MagnetsHooks and threaded posts provide a range of hanging, posting, and display options. Made with neodymium, the strongest magnetic material available, these compact magnetic assemblies range between 18 and 98 lbs. pull. Their strength makes them ideal for use in attaching clip strips at checkout counters, holding signs, lighting fixtures or temporary displays overhead, or chaining off aisles in warehouses or backrooms.

For more information on these or the full line of P.O.P. offerings visit magnetsource.com/POP or call 888.293.3534.

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