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Our magnetic labels are easy to create and move without leaving behind a mess with traditional sticker labels. Simply apply them and move as necessary. We have various types of labeling magnets.

Our labeling strips have a magnet on one side and a space on the other side for writing or printing. The coiled rolls come in a variety of lengths and widths, and they’re easy to cut to your desired size. The material is flexible, powerful, and safe. These labeling strips are great for home, school, and office projects.

Label kits come with the materials you need to organize your space. They contain 25 pre-cut label magnet strips plus 35 perforated paper data cards to slide into the strips. All you need to decide is what size works best for your project, and then cut the strips to that size.

Pockets/sleeves are made of flexible magnets with extra protection for keeping labels clean and dry. Simply slide your label into the clear, non-acidic plastic pocket/sleeve. You can move the flexible magnets wherever they need to go, and they won’t leave anything behind. Get organized with our flexible magnets and pockets/sleeves.

Our flexible business cards have a magnet on one side and a space on the other side for your business cards.  Simply peel off the adhesive liner and adhere to your personal business card.  The cards are sold individually or packaged in quantities of 25,50, or 100.


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