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Master Magnetics puts the “Mag” in Magnificent Craft & Hobby Projects

Craft Magnets Assortment
Master Magnetics will be featuring their entire line of craft and hobby magnets at the CHA Expo in Anaheim, booth #1826.

Ceramic Magnets, also known as ferrite magnets, are the most popular type of magnet for craft and hobby projects. Available in discs, blocks and rings, Master Magnetics’ craft magnets are made from the highest grade of ceramic magnet material available. Just add glue to the back and they are ideal for an endless array of projects.

For heavy projects, Neodymium Discs with Adhesive offer super strength combined with the speed and convenience of a peel and stick adhesive. These rare earth magnets are the strongest permanent magnetic material in the world providing extreme strength for small spaces. The convenient peel and stick foam adhesive backing eliminates the need for applying glue, making every magnetic project faster and easier.

Neodymium Discs ensure secure holding power without slipping on metal surfaces. The industrial-strength acrylic foam adhesive conforms to the irregularities of rigid substrates and adheres the magnet to a multitude of materials including wood, plastic, ceramic, rock, paper and much more. Use a North and South magnet for added strength and “snap-to” positioning, ideal for closures on cabinets, displays, purses, cases and more.

Flexible Magnetic Tape is perfect for making lightweight craft projects magnetic. It has a strong adhesive with a peel off liner on one side and magnetism on the other. For more information call 1-888-293-9190 or visit magnetsource.com.

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